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Studentlyckan is one of our first residence sites, built in 1960, and the original appearance has been retained by careful renovation. The unique stone tiles on the external walls glisten in the sun, while little bright spots of pastel-coloured tiles are strung like beads along the facades. A genuine architectural treasure from another time.

The buildings frame the gorgeous courtyard that feels more like a park. A long time ago, a railway embankment with an avenue of trees ran straight over the site. Now the trains are long gone, but the beautiful trees still remain.

Studentlyckan has apartments of various sizes, mainly double rooms with kitchen. There is a food store on site, and on neighbouring sites a day nursery and a pizzeria. You can walk to the city centre in 10 minutes.

Fact Studentlyckan
Råbyvägen 15



Distance to centre
Approx 1 000 m.
6 minutes by bike.

There is a food-store on the site, and a day-nursery and restaurant on neighbouring sites. The complete city range with stores, post-office, and bank are within 10 minutes walking distance.
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