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Therese, Eva, Anki, Mats, Christina, Monika, Marika, Anna, Isabel och LisaService Centre
At Service Centre you can get help with administrative issues concerning you as a housing applicant or a tenant. Issues among others that we can assist you with are housing appli-cation, contract, sub-letting, termination, payment of rent and keys. Keys are to be picked up/handed in at the Service Centre when moving in and out.

If you have any questions you can try FAQ to see if you can find the answer. 
Questions about Broadband? read more here. 

Note! Fault reports are to be submitted on our homepage.

Opening and telphone hours 
Weekdays 8-16.

30 April: Walpurgis 8-13
1 May: closed
28 May: day before Ascension 8-13
29 May: Ascension
6 June: Sweden’s National Day closed
20 June: Midsummer closed

Visiting address
Tunavägen 39 C, Sparta
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Phone 046-19 15 00
Fax 046-13 63 14

Mailing address

Box 799, 220 07 Lund

Other contacts

Emergencies daytime

Contact your caretaker in the first place or in second place Service Centre in case of problems/fault in your apartment during the ordinary opening hours. House Caretaker: 07-16, Service Centre se above

Emergencies at other times
Contact Securitas, tel 046-30 74 26 for damage such as water leakage, flooding, blocked toilets, serious electrical faults or other faults that absolutely cannot wait until the next working day.

Contact the caretaker in the first place during ordinary working hours 7-16 or in second hand Service Centre while the disturbance is going on. At times outside these hours contact Securitas, tel 046-30 74 26.

Fire and police Call 112
In urgent cases as of fire, burglary in progress, assault or ambulance – call 112.

Non urgent reports to the police, tel 114 14 (without area code). 

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