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Currently available units are shown here. If you are logged in, several features will be activated on the page. For example you can see your current queue number for each unit. Click the headings to sort by subject. Book your own accommodation (max 3). Click on "Single-room-apartment" etc. to get more information about the housing.


Rebuilding - and renovation projects are going on in some housing areas. Read about it before you book!
Information on booking. 3 bookings at a time! Then you must wait until the next working day before you can book again.
How your queue number is calculated. I was no 1 and suddenly I went down in the queue. Why?

Age limit for corridor rooms
Furnished or unfurnished.  Read more and see pictures of the furniture.
Are you entitled to housing benefit? Read more

Ikon för bokningsbart object= Bookable
Ikon för ej bokningsbart object= Not bookable (booking period has expired)
Ikon för Novischreserverad bostad= New student priority
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